Take-Aways – Learning TV Now Program August 30th

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Most managers think when they become managers they are experts, they have to be the decision-makers. The goal as managers is to get the most out of your people, to facilitate to coach and help your team make decisions. Henry Stewart, Founder & CEO, Happy Company

Following RADAR Model to address leaders concerns when building a case for learning – Ajay Pangakar (@bizlearningdude).

 Resistance –  What will this cost us?

Reducing resistance from leaders on how much the training will cost. Leaders need to make informed decisions so as practitioners we need to show what value the training will bring to the business

Apathy – What will this do for us?

Reducing organizational apathy. What will the training do for us? What will the employees do with their learning.

Disruptions – Why now?

Ability to reduce disrupting work overflow by utilizing technologies. You must be able to explain how the disruption to the business will positively impact the business when its over.

Application – What difference will it make?

Increase new skills application on the job by providing employees with opportunities to apply their skills in real time.

Results – What will it do for the business?

Increase your results from the training. Positive results will reduce business leaders resistance and apathy in the future.


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